<strong style="font-size:18px">ONE EXHIBITION, <span style="color:#ba1d34;">THREE TRADE SHOWS</span></strong><br> International Food & Beverage, Machinery, Technology and Ingredients Exhibition <strong style="font-size:18px; color:#ba1d34;">TECNOCÁRNICA</strong><br> INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION OF MACHINERY, TECHNOLOGY, EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES FOR THE MEAT AND MEAT PRODUCTS INDUSTRY <strong style="font-size:18px; color:#669933;">TECNOALIMENTARIA</strong><br> INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION OF MACHINERY AND TECHNOLOGY FOR THE FOOD AND DRINKS INDUSTRY AND THE FOOD AND BEVERAGE TRADE IN GENERAL <strong style="font-size:18px; color:#cc9933;">INGRETECNO</strong><br> INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION OF INTERMEDIATE FOOD PRODUCTS FOR THE FOOD AND DRINKS INDUSTRY



Bta. 2015 promotes innovation and technology at its most international edition


Multiple business opportunities and networking, and activities designed to make the most of your visit. These activities promote debate, innovation and contact among professionals, generating new ideas.

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Bta.Innova and Bta.Emprende awards

Two new awards that promote research and entrepreneurial dynamism. Bta. seeks to recognise innovation and entrepreneurship among companies that produce machinery and technology for the food manufacturing industry.

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Global partners

  • Controlsa, S.A. Global Partner Bta. 2015
  • MIMASA Global Partner Bta. 2015
  • INTECAL Global Partner Bta. 2015
  • MULTIVAC Global Partner Bta. 2015

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IRTA Research & Technology Food & Agriculture

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