IMP (Innovation Meeting Point)

21 April - 24 April

Un área dinámica donde los profesionales de la industria encuentran respuestas sobre la Innovación y sus procesos. Un espacio al servicio de las empresas que buscan en la innovación el modo de consolidarse en el mercado y marcar la diferencia.

  • 21 Tue
  • 22 Wed
  • 23 Thu
  • 24 Fri

The Diet of the Future (Access by Invitation)

21 April - 21 April IMP, from 12 to 1 PM

In 1800 there were eight hundred eighty millions people in the world. Today, two hundred years later, we are seven billion, and in thirty-five years we will be two millions more, everybody wishing for a good health and for preventing diseases. Moreover, in the next twenty-five years we will lose the 10% of the cultivable surface for the erosion, climate change and salinity. The population pyramid will be changing, especially in developed countries, and we will have more and more senior population that need medical cares, increasing the sanitary expense. How can we respond to this challenge? For one side, producing more and better, for another, creating foods and diets that during our life will permit us to have a good health and prevent diseases. Companies that invest in instruments that allow to obtain a bigger production of raw materials for the agrifood sector in an extremely sustainable environment, or companies that design innovative foods that prevent big plagues for health (metabolic syndrome, neurodegenerative diseases or, why not?, cancer) will take a big part of the future market.

D. Daniel Ramón. Graduated from the University of Valencia.  Scientific director of Biópolis S.L.

Acces by invitation.

Round table. With the participation of the top executives of manufacture and distribution. (Access by invitation)

21 April - 21 April IMP, from 1 to 2 PM

Price, quality, health, pleasure, sustainability…which are the products that fill the shopping cart today?
What does the shopper really require from the food industry and distribution?
Which are the new emerging trends?
What scientists and food industry are working for, in order to respond to the new consumer?
Which food will we eat tomorrow?

New applications of food ingredients in the industrial sector: hedonism and health

21 April - 21 April IMP, from 3:15 to 4 PM.

Through this talk, we will get you acquainted with the most outstanding trends and innovations in food ingredients, as well as with the technological aspects connected with their implementation, validation and stability after their inclusion into the food matrix.

Beatriz Pérez, Technique of the Department of New Products, Formulation and ingredients area - AINIA

Blanca Viadel, Technique of the Department of New Products, Nutrition and Health area - AINIA

ECOTROPHELIA 2015 Awards Ceremony - FIAB

21 April - 21 April IMP, from 4:10 to 4:50 PM

How technology is revolutionizing what and how we eats

21 April - 21 April IMP, from 5 to 6 PM.

Some technological innovations are transforming the restaurant scene, offering the opportunity of living a totally new sensorial experience and a digital interaction with the diner. 
Marius Robles will offer us a sweet journey through startups and disruptive technologies that will change the way consumers choose, buy and share their food, at home as well as at the restaurant.

Marius Robles, CEO and Co-founder - REIMAGINE FOOD