Why being a sponsor is interesting?

You can have a very direct influence on the success of your participation in Bta. Using the different tools offered by the organisers can generate more and better quality potential customers. This means more traffic to your stand and more business for your company.

Take advantage of the impact of our trade show and make a direct impression on your existing and potential customers. Get the most out of your participation in Bta. before, during and after the show..

Please, contact us if you want to be a sponsor of the following areas:

  • Innovation Meeting Point (IMP) (PDF)
  • International Business Center (IBC) (PDF)
  • Global Partner (PDF)
    Or give a boost to your participation being a Global Partner: networking with decision makers, brand recognition in featured components, etc.
  • Advertising Rates (PDF)

For further information, please, contact us by phone +34 or e-mail us at


As an exhibitor at a Alimentaria Exhibitions trade show, we believe you should be aware that many complaints have been lodged all over the world regarding two publications. These are "FairGuide" (from the Austrian firm Construct Data Verlag AG),  "Event Fair" (Bratislava) and" Expo Guide" (prepared in Mexico). This situation affects trade shows organised by both fairgrounds and private organisers, whether national and international.

In order to achieve their goals, the authors of "FairGuide",  "Event Fair" and "Expo Guide" contact exhibitors, sending them forms requesting their details. They include the name of the show in which the company is taking part on the forms. The ambiguous manner in which the information is presented leads to an erroneous association regarding the origin of the advertising offered. Many exhibitors interpret this as another of the services provided by the trade show organiser.

"FairGuide",  "Event Fair" and "Expo Guid"e take advantage of the weeks prior to the opening of the trade show, during which final preparations are being made. Their documents are written in a very unclear way, which confuses many companies, leading them to believe they have received the form for free inclusion of their name in the online version of the trade show's Official Directory, when in reality they are being offered advertising inserts for periods of up to three years, which cannot be cancelled.

These publishers will demand significant advertising fees from those who complete these forms and return them to FairGuide or Expo Guide. Only if the form is read very closely is it possible to discover in small print at the end that it represents a contract which binds the exhibitor to make these payments. In order to put pressure on those who refuse to pay after discovering the deception, they utilise the services of various debt collection companies, which act in collusion with these publishers.

Alimentaria Exhibitions would like to remind you to take great care with the documents you receive. We ask exhibitors who receive a subscription form from "FairGuide",  "Event Fair" or "Expo Guide" to carefully read its entire contents before signing it to be sure that you really wish to contract the advertising services being offered.

Alimentaria Exhibitions has no relation whatsoever with these publications or with any of the advertising services they offer. Our correspondence is easily identifiable, and under no circumstances will we demand any payment at all for appearing in the Official Directory of our trade shows.

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